Pandoc 1.12.4 Released

Yesterday, John MacFarlane released a new version of pandoc, the universal document converter. This means that my Emacs org-mode reader is now available to everyone. I’m very curious to see if people actually use the new reader (and if I have to deal with a lot of bugs and/or feature requests in the near future).

I can’t state enough just how great pandoc is as a tool and library. The code is very clean, well documented and extending it is (almost ridiculously) easy. And as for the usefulness: Hakyll, the software used for this blog, is heavily building on pandoc. ’nough said.

So is pandoc really like a virus spreading Haskell, as jgm recently implicated? All I know is that it most certainly got me infected. A new project of mine, rundoc, builds on pandoc and is (of course) written in Haskell. It looks like I’ll do most of my coding in it, for the foreseeable future.