About the Author

This blog is written and maintained by
Albert Krewinkel
Mail: obfuscated mail address
GPG Key: 8eed e3e2 e8c5 6f18 81fe e836 388d c0b2 1f63 1124

Albert Krewinkel is a programmer with a background in math and biology. He lives in Berlin.

Albert’s free and open-source software contributions are available through Github.

About this Site

The page is build using bootstrap, a feature-full front-end framework. All icons except for the ZeitKraut logo are part of Dave Gandy’s Font Awesome. Initial colors where chosen with the help of the Color Scheme Designer 3 and then fine-tuned by hand. The complete site is generated using Hakyll, assembling HTML templates and blog posts into static pages.

A previous version of the site was built on the solarized theme created by Ethan Schoonover.